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    freedom of speech means everyone including the President has the right to ridicule and comment. Egypt we support you. President Barack Obama said political reforms were "absolutely critical" to Egypt's "long-term well-being," boosting pressure on Mr.. I just hope countries like Tunisia, and Egypt weaken their governments, and expand freedom, not just rearrange the chairs. The country has slipped into absolute and perpetual poverty, poor education quality, poor health services, deterioration of infrastructure and un-stoppable corruption by government officials. Obama on Thursday urged the government and the protesters to refrain from violence.  Cell phone text messaging and data plans were also disabled. Do any of you still wonder why we American's refuse to give up our right to bear arms? If, God forbid, we ever came to something like this, it wouldn't be one-sided. All of the Arab nations should be given back to their people, and not to corporate, religious or political interests. MARCH PEACEFULLY IN GREAT NUMBERS EVERY DAY. Zimbabwe will become a free and democratic country too. 28-01-2011 Power vacuum. 28-01-2011 instant Moyo (Zimbabwe) Thank you Egypt, Thank you Tunisia, Thanks all for showing us the way forward.. The time for action is now. Be safe everyone. 28-01-2011 micker (USA) okie, he did listen to the tea party protesters, and he didnt send riot police out with water cannon and rubber bullets. The Egyptians must not abandon until Mubarak is gone and democracy is there. You WILL WIN Democracy and the free world will support you. Telecom Company Vodafone says the Egyptian government ordered all mobile telephone operators to suspend service in parts of the country. The internet can be the way to PEACEFULLY PROTEST.. 28-01-2011 Dave (UK) All the Muslims in here call for revolution to promote freedom, but would happily install a bunch of religious nutjobs who would put democracy, civil rights & the justice system back to the dark ages. Trucks of police armed with water cannons in Cairo avenues as government forces attempted to disperse crowds. Islamic rulers are supposed to be "servants" to the people they lead/serve like the four Khalifas. 28-01-2011 hamad part 2 of 2+extra (oman) Is this way how supposed elected government deal with its nation? Those demonstrators do not have any political or religious background; all what ever they want is essential rights and freedom of speech and freed of express which President Obama stressed lately. The U. The group has said it will join protests, but has not organized the demonstrations that have been spearheaded by young people angry at poor living standards and authoritarian rule. and the Democratic West and its FREE PEOPLES WILL SUPPORT YOU.ir" target="_blank"> و اعتراف کردن 13 refrain خود داری کردن 26 ally پیوستن/ متحد کردن   28-01-2011 samir al samman (egypt) to my fellow Egyptian army officers why are you quite? the army is full of decent men i urge you to join the people and be brave. 28-01-2011 Albert American Lawyer (New York, USA) Citizens of the World. Security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in central Cairo, where some of the larger demonstrations were held. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appealed for Egypt's leaders and its people not to let violence escalate. But it is up to YOU not Americans to elect and replace your dictators. Never give up! 28-01-2011 Brett (USA) I wish you all the best of luck in Egypt.. Anarchism, is on the whole, better as a means of cooperation than classical mean of government. Mubarak should use all force necessary (including near-genocide) to prevent any movement with Islam at it's heart taking power. http://ekhichdi... At least five people have been killed and the government says 800 people have been detained since Tuesday. This strategy, which Egypt government deals with Egyptians, cast heavy doubt on credibility of last election, which could pitch over all Egypt.. I don't recall Bush as Mr. As I have said before, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We hope you all succeed in your push for the rights, freedom and opportunity you should have.S. I see United States gives it's citizen Islamic rights than so called "Islamic" counties.  Internet service, a key tool for activists, was shut down across the country shortly after midnight. 28-01-2011 Riz (England-United Kingdom) You have provided this man with billions. The teeny-tiny rallies started by the TEA "party" have been caused due to rich men feeling they need to put on a show to keep their dignity in US power, so they can come back to bloody us again, with their terrible economic and social policies.. There is a difference between violently attacking and ridiculing. Well, I say to him, go and march peacefully there in disguise and see what will happen to you. not just the Tea Party, how can you compare what the leaders in Egypt are doing to a comment by Obama, shows how 'clouded' your viewpoint is 28-01-2011 John (USA) It's time for all fake governments propped up by the US to fall. 28-01-2011 Tina Not sure what the people of Arabs will achieve with this. One day humans will realize "one planet, one species, one civilization.   . The Arab world is sick of being their playground FREEDOM FOR EGYPT!!! 28-01-2011 dude (us) obama do the right ting,cut mubarak monney 28-01-2011 john (USA) Free people should rule small government.   quite کاملا/ آرام   supposed تصور کردن   decent men آدمهای نجیب   cast heavy پلان یا طرح سنگین   brave شجاع   pitch خیمه بر پا کردن   suppress سرکوب کردن   essential ضروری   determination تصمیم   doubt شک کردن   rapidly تند/ به سرعت   credibility قابل قبول   sacrifices قربانی- فدا کردن   block مسدود کردن         28-01-2011 Shiraz I wanna know how long will it take for the social media to be revived back to normal viz. crude and minerals are a source of income which should be put to work for the good of the people. I wish you much success in your endeavors Egyptians, and remember that most US citizens support your dreams. Nothing could get without sacrifices and victims. but not in the citizens of the USA. spoken like a true okie. 28-01-2011 Bacho (USA) I'm thankful my dad moved us to America 31 years ago. No political movement in the US can do anything without being ridiculed by their rivals. 28-01-2011 Jules (usa) Well there's a difference here: The mass protests in Egypt have been caused due to problems with the regime that resides over the country limiting their natural rights..S allies. no matter the US and Israeli opinion. 28-01-2011 hamad part 1 of 2 (oman) As much as Egyptian government tightens security and suppresses protesters, their determinations and challenges will escalate rapidly. It will be time before we gather ourselves and go on the streets to tell our government that we have had enough, but we know the way now. They need diverse political powers representing them not a single ruling party which controls legislature, police, and army.
    800x600 Mass Anti-Government Protests Egypt Tens of thousands of protesting Egyptians flooded into the streets after Friday prayers in demonstrations calling for an end to President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.html 28-01-2011 Ryan (USA) Vodafone should be boycotted as a complicit tool of states. I do not think Egyptians have too much to lose , so they have the rights to express their opinions and gain their essential rights through protests .  The news agency says police confronted ElBaradei and his supporters Friday as they attempted to join protests in Cairo. That should never be a misprint by these editors. They can never be a proud people because freedom was forced on or given to them. He depends on your pocket money. 28-01-2011 His name is President Obama. The fact that he is an ally does not mean he is a gentleman. Remember Ghandi and King. 28-01-2011 Sam Ogilvie (USA) The citizens of Egypt and the citizens of other oppressive regimes around the world should understand that the average American wants the best for them.S. Thank you. Who will fill it? Muslim brotherhood. =) 28-01-2011 Petr jandacek (USA) Tunisia is the new Gdansk. 28-01-2011 jimmyjig (usa) how exciting! Now learn something: people who fight and secure their freedom will value their freedom more than a conquered coerced people like Iraq and Afganistan.N. But kiss your family good bye before you go because you won’t be back for a long time if at all. 28-01-2011 (US) to okie ( USA) .pls comment 28-01-2011 Mr. 28-01-2011 Citizen And there's Slow Joe Biden in the Monitor saying Mubarak is not a dictator and has no reason to step down. People aspire for their voices heard at the top level of adminstration. 28-01-2011 America no longer allows slavery in its own country but approves of slavery and oppression in other parts of the world so they can have cheap oil, gold, diamonds, and other goods. Too long have previous AmericanPresidents allowed dictatorships to be U. In his first comments on the unrest in Egypt, Mr. Egypt's largest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, says at least five senior leaders and five former members of parliament were arrested in raids. Hopefully this matter can be resolved effectively and peacefully. The Tea Party just happens to be an easy target and an all too willing victim. He only cares when his power is been shaken.  Human rights groups say there have been more than 2,000 arrests. The 82-year-old Egyptian president has not been seen or heard from since the protests began Tuesday with tens of thousands marching in Cairo and other cities. Clueless much? 28-01-2011 Mo (US) tadi and ryan - the English attacked government offices in the UK a few months ago over tuition hikes, why wouldn't people be violent when they've been oppressed for 30 years? 28-01-2011 Mo (US) tadi and ryan - the English attacked government offices in the UK a few months ago over tuition hikes, why wouldn't people be violent when they've been oppressed for 30 years? 28-01-2011 Nicolas (Canada) are you seriously comparing the Tea party with these protesters. It seems that Mubarak government will block every communication over all the countries. 28-01-2011 Tamer (Egypt) to my fellow Egyptian army officers Whos side are you taking in this, the people or mubarak? or are you sitting on the fence until the final outcome is clear? Get off your lazy arses and help the people fight against corruption and poverty!!! 28-01-2011 DAH from the west (USA) it doesn't matter whether it's a mid-east country ruled by mystics, dictators or even democratic process, nothing seems to work long-term in this part of the world. You want democracy in Iran, but not in Egypt. 28-01-2011 (usa) President Obama ignored the Tea Party's views. In Washington, U. Somebody said in the USA that "Give me freedom or give me death". good luck. Please allow democracy for this historical country. 28-01-2011 It is truly sad that many so called "Muslim" countries have totally un-Islamic way of ruling..   The Associated Press says Egyptian authorities also fired water cannons at Mohamad ElBaradei, a Nobel peace price who has become a leading Egyptian opposition figure and returned to the country from Austria Thursday. It shows that the time has come.. Meantime, we have to endure torture, death, beatings, rapes, threats, forced starvation and other atrocities before we mobilise. So did lots of democrats who now lost their jobs." Until that day, we will remain in adolescence and the threat of war, and self annihilation will persist. 28-01-2011 demetrius (usa) John the reason they do not have real they should not have blood on there hands if they hit and kill that is why they use rubber bullets. Better to slaughter millions now than let another Islamic cesspit like Pakistan come into existence. Peace and Freedom can be yours as well but through non-violence.   1 flooded ریختن 14 escalate افزایش/ زیاد 2 demonstrations تظاهر کننده گان 15 urge اصرار کردن 3 rubber bullets مرمی لاستیکی 16 legitimate مشروع/قانونی 4 Held(hold) برگذار شدن 17 Brotherhood اخوت برادری 5 disperse متفرّق شدن 18 senior بالا/ بزرگ 6 authorities مقامات 19 raids یورشها/ هجوم 7 confront روبرو شدن 20 spearhead رهبری کردن 8 suspend تعلیق کردن 21 marching راه پیمایی / گام نظامی 9 order دستور دادن 22 absolutely critical کاملا بحرانی-انتقادی 10 appeal درخواست کردن 23 boosting pressure فشار زیاد 11 violence خشونّت 24 implement انجام دادن/ اجرا کردن 12 Mass گروه/ جمع 25 acknowledging قدردانی این مطلب تا کنون 75 بار بازدید شده است.
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